Updated Statement on Summer 2021 Study Abroad 11/10/2020 - Center for Global Engagement

Updated Statement on Summer 2021 Study Abroad 11/10/2020

All nonessential university-related travel is suspended until June 30, 2021, including trips already booked. The suspension also includes non-credit bearing international activities that are significantly sponsored by The University of Tulsa such as those primarily organized, directed, or otherwise coordinated by TU and experiences conducted by a recognized TU student organization with a faculty advisor.  Students may not use university funds to travel for academic purposes, including but not limited to, conferences or presentations, university-funded research or grant activity, academic work for credit, or performances until after June 30.

Spring 2021 TU study abroad programs have already been canceled and we are currently evaluating the possibility of students participating in approved summer 2021 study abroad programs (May-August 2021).  A decision about summer study abroad will be made by March 1, 2021.