TU Welcomes New Exchange Students for Spring 2019

This spring, TU welcomed eight new exchange students from our partner Universities, who joined four others who were here since the fall. These students were from six different partner Universities: University of Siegen in Germany, Catholic University of Lille in France, Waseda University in Tokyo Japan, University College Dublin in Ireland, China University of Petroleum in East China and the Irish American program. We are very excited to have these students here at TU, since they bring their enthusiasm, perspective and knowledge of their fields of study to the TU classrooms.

To be an exchange student at TU students go through a selection process in their home universities and are nominated to TU by the International Office of the Partner University. They need then to complete CGE’s online application and wait for their acceptance materials.

These exchanges also allow TU students to go spend a semester or a year abroad in one of these locations! TU students just need to complete a study abroad application on the CGE website.

Chantal Klinkhammer, one of the exchange students who recently arrived from Siegen, Germany and is here to take Masters classes in math, finds the people at TU very friendly. “They are all very helpful, welcoming and including. I was afraid that I might miss my home, but I really don’t. The people make it easy to make Tulsa a new home. Up to now, it is one of the best decisions I have made” she shared.

Haipeng Li, an exchange student from China in the Petroleum Engineering department is really impressed by TU’s library and study facilities. Florian Lutke-Holz, also from Germany, here studying Business and Law says “It has always been my dream to go to an US college. But most enjoyable are living on campus and attending sport events”.