Tips for Incoming International Students Series: How to Email a Professor

Step 1: Compose a new message

Step 2: Enter your professors email in the “to” section

Step 3: In the “Subject” field, enter your name and the class code for which ever class you have the Professor in.

Example: Jane Smith ARTH2301-02

Step 4: Address your professor formally

Example: Professor Green,

Step 5: Let them know who you are and write your question

Example:  Hello, my name is Jane Smith and I am in your [name the class you are referring to]. I have a question about how the test will be formatted and how I should focus my studies so that I am well prepared for our test next Thursday. Could we discuss this via email, during office hours, or over the phone?

Step 6: Closing-You can thank them for their time or just sign off

Example: Thank you in advance for your help.


Jane Smith


Example Email:


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