The Year to Go

It’s the end of January. We’re pretty much done talking about new year’s resolutions and inspiring goals. Most of us are letting those things fade because life is already crashing down on us with exams, jobs, and organization meetings that never seem to end.

BODY-MORGANLibbyParosGreeceResolutions are nice, but they don’t stick. If they did, we wouldn’t be making the same ones every year. Resolutions can be forgotten and lost, and habits can be interrupted. None of this is news to anyone.

Study abroad is different. It’s not just a vague resolution to travel more. It’s a decision to take life to the edge, a reality where life is never the same once you go – and you wouldn’t want it to be the same. Resolutions require you to remember to change your habits – study abroad changes your habits because it changes you as a person. People and situations can take away your kale and gym memberships and motivation – no one and nothing will ever be able to take away the experiences and perspectives and moments you have when you study abroad. It’s not a habit you have to cultivate and start over on when you make a mistake. Study abroad is a choice to let an experience change you – change your perceptions, change your ideals, change your understanding, change your résumé, and change your soul.

If you’re looking for change this year, don’t stop at resolutions, and don’t stop in January. Decide to study abroad, and then come to the CGE to get started. This can be the year you sincerely change. Don’t miss out on that!

2016 is the year to go.

Elissa Stiles is the CGE’s marketing coordinator and also a three-time study abroad alum through the University of Tulsa.