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Take a TU TRAVEL Course this Spring!

This spring semester TU will offer 6 travel courses. These are courses offered during the spring semester that include a group trip during Spring Break or in May right after the end of spring classes. The courses carry an additional study abroad fee, but scholarships are available.

You can enroll using SELF SERVICE and you also need to complete a CGE registration using the links below.


Spring Break:

NSG4133: International Nursing and Technology, March 11 – 19, 2022*, London, England, Professor Cassandra Barrow – Course fee: US$4,500*


Spring Extension:

MGT3063: Organizational Behavior. May 8 – 18*, 2022, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Sweden, Professor Heather Anderson. Course fee: US$4,900*

Honors 1013: Medieval and Renaissance. May 5 – 25, 2022*, Rome, Florence, Italy, Professor Donald Prudlo. Course fee: US$4,900*

SPAN4041+SPAN4043: Don Quixote. May 9 – 20, 2022*, Madrid, Toledo, Spain, Professor Christopher Anderson. Course fee: US$4,900* . Students can take this course as a 4 credit course or 1 credit (travel only).

Block II/MS 2003/3003: Public Space and the City. May 8 – 18, 2022*, Greece and Italy

Professor Mark Brewin. Course fee: US$4,500*

ANTH4503 Paradise Lost: Colonialism and Environmental Change. May 9-23, 2022*, St. Croix. Professor Thomas Foster. Course fee: US$3,800*


* Dates and Fees are subject to change. Courses may be canceled and modified if the situation requires it.


Scholarships & Grants for Faculty-led Travel Courses:

  1. CGE Travel Grant: Apply by 11/20/2021 (so students know if they received the award by the Faculty-led commitment deadline of December 1st). About 10 students per course will receive $1,500 travel grants applied to their course fee.
  2. Critical Need Grant: Apply by 11/01/2021. Must be considered Critical Need by Student Financial Services.
  3. Gilman Scholarship:  Apply by 10/05/2021. Must be receiving Federal Pell Grant.


Questions? Contact the course Faculty member or the CGE at globalengagement@utulsa.edu.