Rio to Tulsa – An Exchange Student Story

Felipe França, an exchange student through the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, studied at TU for a full year. This is his story.

BODY-felipe-story-CGEI am an American football aficionado who lives in Rio and had the chance to study abroad for one year in a city which I had only heard about on the sitcom ‘Friends.’ Even though I had no chance to choose the city nor the university, only the country, in the Scientific Mobility Program through the Brazilian government, the city of Tulsa has proven to be one of my favorite places to be in the world, and the friends I made with the US folk and the other exchange students are the best, and I really miss them! I am dying to come back to visit everyone or even to live in the US.

My first semester was everything and more of what I expected from the US. Of course there were problems sometimes, but the few Brazilians I met in Tulsa made everything better and easier to handle. My student life at the University of Tulsa was completely different from my life at PUC-RIO in Brazil. In Brazil I would have at least 7 different classes and sometimes even 9 or more, but the 4 classes I took each semester at TU made me work as hard or even harder than studying in Brazil. I can understand and I totally agree with the teaching system implemented in the US.

BODY-Felipe-story-the-Group-CGEThis was the best year of my life! I had the chance to live on campus, enjoy the American student life style, meet new people, watch a lot of football games, go to house parties, clubs, after parties….The best thing I believe was the chance I had to buy a used car with a good price (totally different from Brazil) and being able to travel to Los Angeles, San Diego, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, New York, Houston, Dallas, OKC, San Antonio, Miami, Jacksonville and of course New Orleans. I traveled to New Orleans 3 times to watch a Saints game (41×00 against Tampa), to party at Mardi Gras, and to enjoy some Blues and Jazz with my parents. I had no idea of the life change I would have and the different view of the world and its culture that other people would provide.

I have again to say thanks to all the people I have met. The CGE staff is the best! The Brazilians are awesome and I still maintain contact with them! The exchange students are just out of this world! I miss the great American people, and of course the Kessler family who gave me such great support and love!

I miss everything and everyone!