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My Summer in Valencia

By: Ireland La Munyon

My trip to Valencia has been incredibly memorable. The town is rich with history. 

One of my favorite parts of the trip was making paella in the traditional Valencian fashion. For the day we visited the Albufera de Valencia to take a boat ride to show where most of the crops are grown. After that we went to the farm  to assist in the process of making paella. 



With June being Pride Month,  I was able to attend my first pride parade. The parade in Valencia was a huge celebration that was filled with love and acceptance. 


I am living with a host family and I couldn’t love it anymore than I do now. Life with my host brother and sister has been filled with laughs and never ending entertainment. My host mom is loving and a great cook. They all helped me greatly in developing my language skills in ways that I could have only dreamed about.