Campus united in wake of Paris attacks - Center for Global Engagement

Campus united in wake of Paris attacks

The events that have occurred in Paris over the last 24 hours have cast a great pall of sadness throughout France and, indeed, throughout the world. The images we are witnessing are shocking and heartbreaking. Sometimes there are simply no words to adequately express the emotions we are feeling. Any act of terror is an attack on us all, but our responses to such hate are what will ultimately define us as human beings.

We write to you today first as members of our close-knit TU family but also as global citizens. Our campus is our home – a shared home to students from nearly every American state and 77 different countries, representing ethnicities, cultures and faith traditions that expand our own understanding of the world and our place in it.

As students, faculty and staff of The University of Tulsa, we are responsible for each other. Embracing this commitment brings us closer together and makes us stronger. Let our actions and interactions reflect the very best of our shared values.

Whitney House, Student Association president

Steadman Upham, University of Tulsa president