Meet the 2022 Global Graduates - Center for Global Engagement

Meet the 2022 Global Graduates

The Global Graduates award is the premier award upon for students who represent The University of Tulsa as a global citizens. This select group of graduating undergraduate students are distinguished for excelling academically, contributing to the TU campus community, and partaking in unique experiences abroad. 

Catherine Donner

Major: Applied Mathematics with a Business Concentration

Minor: Data Science minor

Hometown: Siloam Springs, Arkansas

TU Activities: Global Scholars, Mathematical Association of America, Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challenge, JumpstartTU (team leader in 2020), study abroad, Service Day volunteer, Hurricane Mathfest volunteer

Study Abroad/International Experiences: I studied abroad last fall in Salaya, Thailand, which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Some of the incredible things that I got to do while in Thailand included walking on Naiharn Beach in Phuket, bathing elephants at an elephant sanctuary, visiting temples in Bangkok, and going to the Yee Peng lantern festival in Chiang Mai. I took a variety of challenging coursework in optimization linear programming, society and politics in Southeast Asia, and current issues in MENA. As financial aid for this experience, I had the honor of receiving the Freeman-Asia award, which is awarded annually to students studying abroad in Asia.

Post Graduation Plans: Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Data Science

and Analytics at the University of Oklahoma.

Who influenced you to study abroad? Not who, but what: Global Scholars. After the COVID pandemic had delayed my long-wanted study abroad semester for two years, my experience with Global Scholars really motivated me to fulfill this crucial aspect of my college experience.

Favorite part of international experiences? Getting to experience new cultures and to meet new people along the way!

How has global education influenced my future goals/career? After learning about global issues that need to be addressed in the present and future, one of the issues that has fascinated me is public policy and information data. I hope that my global education as well as my graduate education will help prepare me for a future international career.


Ashli Boxley

Major: Chinese Studies

Minor: Law and Society minor; Marketing minor

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

TU Activities & Leadership: AIS event logistics coordinator, Global Scholars, CSA Member, Study Abroad Peer Advisor.

Study Abroad/International Experiences: Panama Spring extension; Semester in China

Post Graduation Plans: After graduation, I will be pursuing a Master’s degree in either International or Asian Studies. I haven’t decided yet.

Who influenced you to study abroad? Honestly, I was influenced heavily by my high school Chinese teacher (go Booker. T.!) I always felt like it would be impossible for me to study abroad but she really inspired me to look past everything that was going to be difficult to the outcome which was that I really wanted to have an international experience, and it truly did change my life. 

What was your favorite part of all your international experiences? The people that I met. During the time that I had the opportunity to go abroad I was constantly amazed by cultural differences and just different ways people live this life so whenever I had the opportunity to meet different people and hear about their perspective it was fascinating. Also seeing all of the cool things of course!

How has your global education influenced your future career/goals/ post grad life? Because of the global aspects of my education I know that whatever I end up doing in the future I will be taking my newfound global perspective that is still growing and hopefully will continue doing so for the rest of my life. It has also given me the desire to work in a field where my views will always be challenged by the unknown.

Last Remarks? I really want to thank everyone that I have had the opportunity to work with over these last four years here at TU and for the influence that have had on the individual that I have become and everyone that encouraged me even though I had a tendency to only think about what would make it difficult.




Heath Fusco

Major: Political Science and Spanish

Minor: Law, Policy, and Social Justice

Hometown: Nixa, MO

TU Activities & Leadership: University Ambassadors, Honors, Global Scholars, Tutoring

Study Abroad/International Experiences: Summer 2019 in Panama with Global Scholars, Spring 2020 in Seville, Spain

Post Graduation Plans: After graduation, I will work as an English teaching assistant in Paraguay through the Fulbright program. After that, I plan to attend law school to become an international human rights lawyer.

Who influenced you to study abroad? My parents! Through family trips as a child, my parents taught me the importance of travel, language learning, and cross-cultural communication. This influence is present in all parts of my life and education.

What was your favorite part of all your international experiences? My favorite part of studying abroad was falling into a daily routine in a different country. There’s something about being comfortable with a new neighborhood, a new coffee shop, and new neighbors in a part of the world you’ve never lived in before.

How has your global education influenced your future career/goals/ post grad life? My global education at TU has given me global connections, language experience, and learning opportunities that will help me enter the field of international law, where these sorts of skills and knowledge are absolutely critical.

Last Remarks? My time abroad and global education were the best part of my time at TU. If you’re on the fence about studying abroad, DO IT!

Ebrahim Obaid Rashed Obaid Alzaabi

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Cyber Security and Mathematics

TU Activities and Leadership: Association of International students – President

International Experiences/ Involvement: During my time here at TU I got involved more on campus since day one, especially since TU is a small school, I was able to push myself and manage my time between classes and my involvement on campus, a few of my favorite events to attend were mostly AIS events which prompted me to get involved more with the organization.

Post-Graduation plans: One of my major goals after graduation is to find a job in my field of expertise. Who influenced you to study at TU? My older brother influenced my choice to study in the United States and to choose Tulsa because of its strength in the Computer science program.


What was your favorite part of all your time at TU? One of the best times is during my freshman year the Homecoming bonfire where I met with most of the people that became my friends at TU.

How has your global education influenced your future career/goals/ post grad life? A global education has changed my perspective on how the world is viewed through my eyes, it also helped me become dependent on myself and have a better understanding on the different cultural, economic, technological, and political differences, which benefits my plans to work in the computer science field after graduating.

Ann Marie Flusche

Major: Biology

Minors: Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry

Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

TU Activities & Leadership: Mortarboard, Phi Eta Sigma (was President), Global Medical Brigades (was Vice President), Kappa Kappa Gamma, NOVA Fellowship, University Innovations Fellow, Alpha Epsilon Delta, TU STEM-UP, Research, University Ambassador, Peer Mentor, Student Association (was Associate Director of Student Awareness Committee), Judicial Council (was a clerk), Early Careers in Community Medicine.

Study Abroad/International Experiences: JumpstartTU in Panama and CIEE Berlin, Germany

Post-Graduation Plans: I will be conducting research for a year at UT Southwestern Medical Center before attending medical school.

Who influenced you to study abroad? The center for global engagement and all the stories I heard from TU students about their time abroad influenced me to study abroad.

What was your favorite part of all your international experiences? My favorite part of all my international experiences was having the opportunity to go to museums, shows, operas, and many more exciting places in Berlin for free as a part of my study abroad program’s cultural excursions. I was able to meet other students in the program as well as locals.

How has your global education influenced your future career/goals/post-grad life? My global education has encouraged me to continue to pursue a future career in medicine and has allowed me to gain an in-depth look into global health and healthcare systems. I hope to use this unique outlook to be a driving force in the reformation of the US healthcare system.




Nick Parisi

Major: Computer Science and Mathematics 

Minor: Spanish and Physics 

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

TU Activities & Leadership: Peer Mentors, University Ambassadors, Tulsa Undergraduate Research Challange (TURC), Faith Based Coordinated Community Response Team, Scuba Diving Club (TUNA), Student Mobilization (STUMO)


Study Abroad/International Experiences: Jumpstart TU, Global Scholars Panama Trip, 7 week program in Valencia in Spain, semester abroad in New Zealand

Post Graduation Plans: Pursuing my Masters in Business Administration here at TU

Who influenced you to study abroad? My professors in high school. Study abroad possibilities were one of the biggest attractions to attending TU.

What was your favorite part of all your international experiences? My favorite part was getting a children’s book published that was inspired by one of the organizations I worked with in Panama.

How has your global education influenced your future career/goals/ post grad life? My global education immensely broadened my world view and opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities once one begins to consider people and places outside of their own country and comfort zone. I would love to end up working and living permanently in another country after Graduate School.

Last Remarks? TU’s focus on enabling their students to have a more global and diverse education is one of the most important criteria when I was considering what college to attend. I have grown so much more than I ever could’ve imagined had I not had the opportunity to study abroad through TU. Hands down, it has been one of the most impactful and exciting parts of my college career.