Meet the 2021 TU CGE Global Graduates: Joshua Boyle - Center for Global Engagement

Meet the 2021 TU CGE Global Graduates: Joshua Boyle

Major/Minor: Double major in Economics and French

Hometown: Peoria, Illinois

TU Activities & Leadership:

TU Global Scholars

TU French Club (President)

TU Cappella Chamber Singers

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

Study Abroad Experiences:
Global Scholars Course Extension (Panama, Dec 2018)

CIEE Development Studies (Senegal, Jan-May 2019)

Global Scholars Internship (Panama, July 2019)

Post-Graduation Plans:
I will be interning with a DC think tank this summer. Beyond that, I hope to find a job connecting and working with people from around the world every day, whether that be in international development, immigration, foreign policy, or some other field.

Who influenced me to study abroad:
My mom, my French professors (Lydie Meunier and Karl Pollin), and the Global Scholars program.

Favorite part of my international experiences:
Staying with my host family in Senegal and finally getting to use French – which I’ve been learning since middle school – on a daily basis.

How my global education has influenced my future career/goals/post-grad life:
My global education has allowed me a greater understanding of and appreciation for the individual, cultural, religious, geographic, and linguistic diversity around the globe.

Last remarks:
I am extremely grateful to Dr. Foley, the staff of CGE, and all those that encouraged me to study abroad and supported me while I was in Senegal and Panama. My time abroad taught me about other countries, peoples, and cultures, and about who I am and my place in this world. Living far from home was not always easy, as I was frequently pushed out of my comfort zone but doing so has shaped me in important ways. It may sound cliché, but study abroad really was life changing. I encourage anyone and everyone that can study abroad to do so! Trust me, you’ll be thankful you did.