Meet the 2021 TU CGE Global Graduates: Inten Wulandari - Center for Global Engagement

Meet the 2021 TU CGE Global Graduates: Inten Wulandari

 The Global Graduates award is the premier award upon for students who represent The University of Tulsa as a global citizens. This select group of graduating undergraduate students are distinguished for excelling academically, contributing to the TU campus community, and partaking in unique experiences abroad. This will be a multi-part series featuring all of our 2021 Global Graduates.

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Denpasar, Bali

TU Activities & Leadership:
Association of International Students
Indonesian Student Association TU
Math Mentors (Kendall-Whittier Elementary School)
Disaster Relief
Spring Break Trip (Houston, TX and Burgaw, NC)
Undergraduate Research
General Chemistry Teaching Assistant

Can you tell us a bit about your experience as an international student at TU?:
Coming to TU and being on my own for the first time in a foreign country was both frightening and exciting. Not having any family or friends in the country and figuring out how to get around on my own was a little scary. It took some time for me to get adjusted. For the first month, I remember feeling homesick, but I couldn’t go back home whenever I wanted to. However, I felt grateful that there’s been people here who helped me get through it, whether it was my friends or the staffs who provided whatever they can that I needed. Also, I learned that being involved in campus activities has been a good distraction for me and has helped me get comfortable being far away from home.

Post Graduation Plans:
Go back home to Indonesia and find a job 🙂

Who or what influenced you to study at TU?
My dad. He went to TU for his graduate studies. That was how I heard about TU for the first time.

What was your favorite part of your experiences?

The people that I have met here has been my favorite part. I have made friends who come from different backgrounds who I made wonderful memories with. I have friends who I have talked to late into the night, I have friends who come from places that I have never been or heard before, a friend who has regularly invited me on his Thanksgiving road trips to visit various national parks, and a friend who every year (except this past year) has invited me to celebrate Christmas with her family because they know that I never get to go back home during the winter break.

How has your global education influenced your future career/goals/ post grad life?
For one, I think it has widened my opportunities. Having been able to study abroad meant that I could look for opportunities outside of my home country. Also, having lived in another country has opened up my own perspective and understanding about cultures that are different from my own and I think that would help me in my career when working with people from different backgrounds.