Life (Abroad) After Graduation: Brianne

Fitzpatrick2-cge-blog-8-31Sometimes an opportunity can present itself when one lease expects it. Brianne Fitzpatrick, Class of 2014, spent a semester in Italy during her time as a TU student. As it turns out, she wasn’t done with life abroad.

“I held a full time job for a year after graduation before deciding I wanted to try and go back abroad. I applied for a graduate program in Edinburgh because I thought it looked really interesting. Surprisingly, (to me at least) I got in! I took the opportunity and moved to Scotland. I didn’t know anyone, but I was looking forward to discovering a new city again.”

Brianne found that the university system of another country was yet another foreign aspect to adjust to.

“All my classes rely on individual research and writing papers. When we do have program classes, they are all compacted into a week of meeting every day from 9 to 5, and this occurs 4 weeks out of the year. Some classes meet every week, but only for 10 weeks during the semester. It’s all very different.”

While writing her dissertation on tap dance, Brianne managed to juggle her outdoorsy hobbies and desire to explore with her coursework.
“On weekends I travel all around Scotland. I spent most of my spare time camping, hiking, skiing, and climbing. There is so much to discover; I feel like I still have so much to see in this country!”

Fitzpatrick3-cge-blog-8-31Brianne has just finished her dissertation and is currently staying in Scotland until her work visa runs out, hoping to obtain a full time position there.

“There is so much to see and I feel like this adventure has opened me up to new opportunities and helped me grow as a person. I would highly encourage everyone to go somewhere new and experience different cultures, traditions, and places.”