Jumpstart TU Abroad


Jumpstart TU Abroad is a short term intensive experience designed to prepare new TU students for the challenges and opportunities that distinguishes a TU education. Jumpstart TU, an introduction to study abroad is designed for the incoming TU student in order to:

  • Build curiosity and excitement about university studies,
  • Expose entry-level students to global issues in context,
  • Expand their lens on the world and other cultures,
  • View themselves as players rather than observers,
  • And encourage study abroad while at TU.


Jumpstart TU Abroad is a one-week experience that blends learning about another country and culture with field experience with local NGOs and intergovernmental agencies in order to discover global issues in an international context. Summer 2017, 39 incoming TU students went to Panama for the first inaugural Jumpstart TU program.

Panama is the epicenter of the Americas serving as a connecting point between North and South America. The City of Knowledge Foundation is a nonprofit city housing over 180 NGOs conducting research on sustainability pertaining to the environment, economics, policy, education and women. Located on the former U.S. base for the Panama Canal, the City of Knowledge is a full-service campus designed for student groups. Jumpstart TU will expose students to importance of research on global issues, the unique biodiversity characteristics of Panama, global trade and world consumption and the culture of indigenous people and their contributions to Panama. Examples of experiences include a three-day intensive field experience with nongovernmental organizations, site visit to Embera Village, the Island of Guna (home to the famous Molas), the Barro Colorado — the world’s most researched rain forest operated by the Smithsonian — Casco Viejo and Historic Panama and the Panama Canal, including the recent expansion.

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