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Staff and Faculty Initiatives

Staff Initiatives

University staff—advisers, counselors, librarians, administrative coordinators, residence life professionals, maintenance staff, among a myriad of other positions—are critical for success at The University of Tulsa. TU staff members are in a position to directly influence a student’s academic and extracurricular choices and shape the quality of their interaction with the university. Given this, the university is dedicated to supporting initiatives that promote staff’s ability to work more efficiently and effectively.

Faculty Initiatives

The University of Tulsa supports faculty members’ efforts to broaden their expertise and perspective through international work.

With cooperation from the Office of the Provost and the Henneke Center for Academic Fulfillment, the Center for Global Education encourages TU faculty and administrators to participate in international seminars, faculty exchanges and teaching abroad.

Participants in TU’s faculty development programs can expect:

  • Introductions to scholarly communities overseas
  • Opportunities to re-examine their own teaching and discipline in an international context
  • Resources and information that apply to their curriculum
  • An interdisciplinary group of fellow participants from a variety of institutions
  • Opportunities to contribute their perspective and expertise to a scholarly dialogue

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