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Financial Requirements

Students need to provide a confirmation of financial resources (CFR) document as part of the online application in order for TU to issue the immigration documents needed for the visa. The exact amount to be confirmed will be listed in your online application.

But as you are planning your semester or year at The University of Tulsa, here are estimated expenses to keep in mind:

Tuition: Depends on the agreement with partner University.
Books: US $600/semester*
Campus housing: US $3,060/semester*
Food: US $2700/ semester*
Personal expenses/social activities: $1000-1800/semester*
TU student health insurance**: $630/semester*

* These are just estimated amounts:
** The TU health insurance requirement can be waived if your insurance meet the guidelines set by US government for student visa holders. You will read more detailed information as part of the online application.

Other Fees to Consider

Housing deposit: $250
SEVIS Fee (required prior to applying to student visa): $180
US Student Visa application: varies (Consult the US consulate closest to you.)
Travel to US: varies

There are no TU scholarships to cover the expenses above. However, students are allowed to work on the TU campus for up to 20 hours per week.