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Visiting Scholars and Researchers

The University of Tulsa welcomes visiting scholars and researchers to campus to collaborate with faculty and staff, as well as use the special collections in the McFarlin Library and the Gilcrease Museum.

A visiting scholar is an individual whose primary purpose for residence on the TU campus is to teach, lecture, or perform independent research on a topic related to his or her expertise. Visiting scholar positions are not compensated and their length of stay is at least a month and generally no more than a year.

Visiting scholars may be granted a variety of privileges including access to McFarlin Library, office or lab space, and eligibility for membership at Collins Fitness Center.

  • Hosting Visiting Scholars

    All visiting scholars must be hosted by a faculty member and have a departmental home.

    The process for hosting an international visiting scholar may require extra time to arrange the necessary documents for the scholar’s visa. Faculty who want to invite a foreign scholar to TU should expected this process may take at least three months, depending upon the scholar’s home country.

    The processes outlined on this website apply only to visitors who have completed their degrees and are seeking an appointment for teaching or research. TU faculty seeking to host visitors who are completing undergraduate or graduate degrees at their home institution should consult with the CGE.

    Faculty who want to invite a scholar to TU should contact their department liaison. They will start the invitation process with the CGE:

    A&S: Stephanie Bolden

    CCB: Lisa Martin

    OCHS: Veronica Goss

    ENS: Sandra Whitaker & Sharon Greene

    Law: Debra Ricketts

    No invitations may be issued without approval by the appropriate academic dean.


  • Process for Inviting a Visiting Scholar

    The following outlines the steps for inviting a Visiting Scholar to TU. These steps are further explained during the application process, which must be completed by the hosting college and scholar in advance of the scholar’s arrival on campus.

    Step 1 – Begin the Inquiry Process

    A scholar may contact a TU department to express interest in a visiting appointment. Such requests are typically initiated when the scholar is applying for a scholarship, fellowship, or similar award for support of his or her research. In such cases, a TU faculty member must agree to host the scholar. The sponsoring faculty may issue a letter of invitation sufficient for a scholars’ application for an external award, but faculty must first consult with the appropriate dean. The sponsoring faculty may make no commitments of TU resources without express approval by the dean.

    Step 2 – Invite the Visiting Scholar to TU

    All Visiting Scholars will receive a zero-pay contract, initiated by the invitation of the appropriate college dean. Only Visiting Scholars issued a zero-pay contract by the appropriate dean will receive a TU ID, e-mail address, and otherwise have official status with the university during their period of stay. The zero-pay contract will outline the terms of the Visiting Scholar’s appointment and any associated campus privileges.

    Step 3 – Notify the Appropriate Offices and Schools


    Office of Research and Sponsored Research: If the Visiting Scholar receives funding from an externally funded grant and/or is an international scholar, the responsible TU faculty member should notify the Office of Research and Sponsored Research.

    Graduate School: If the Visiting Scholar will require access to observe a class, the hosting faculty will be required to obtain permission from the Graduate School.

    CGE: If the Visiting Scholar is not a US-citizen, the hosting faculty member must notify the CGE in order to request the documents required for the Visiting Scholar to apply for a visa.

    English Language Verification: The US State Department has requirements for verifying the English language proficiency of foreign scholars obtaining a J-1 visa. The Visiting Scholar application site details the options for completing verification. Hosting faculty must consult with CGE regarding appropriate documentation that visiting scholars meet this new requirement.

    Step 4 – Secure Housing

    In most cases, housing will be the responsibility of the hosting department or college. Given the demands for on-campus housing, hosts should not assume that they will be able to secure an apartment or other accommodation on campus.

    This Visiting Scholar form must be completed by the hosting faculty member and circulated to all of the indicated people. This form is required in order for a College Dean to issue a zero-pay contract.

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