Global Scholars brings a global lens to your entire university experience. We are a dynamic, interdisciplinary group of students that examine global issues from a holistic perspective. We are problem-solvers, brain-stormers, world-travelers, creators, doers, and thinkers from every college at The University of Tulsa.

The coursework and activities involved in the program focuses on creating an in-depth understanding of seven major global challenges. We talk about the Big Questions affecting the world today, and how to start thinking about sustainable solutions to these issues:

  • How will population growth, migration and urbanization impact the world?
  • What changes are we going to see in computation, robotics, biotechnology and nanotechnology?
  • What will it take to support a global population of some 9.3 billion by the middle of the century?
  • What does it mean now that the world is more economically interdependent?


  • Program Requirements
    • You will take 3 courses specifically designed for Global Scholars, these will count as general education courses
      • GLSC 2013 Global Challenges. Offered in the fall, this course explores how social, cultural, political, economic and historical forces shape population change, resources management, technology use and development, information management, economies, conflict and governance on a global scale. Students will work in interdisciplinary teams to prepare presentations on core topics of the course.
      • GLSC 2023 Sustainability and Urban Development. Offered in the spring, this course explores how social, cultural, political, economic and historical forces shape sustainable practices in the context of urban development. This course has a traveling component.
      • GLSC 2xx3 Special Topics. Offered each semester, this course explores a special topic or global issue.
    • Required minimum scoring on the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview
    • Independent time abroad, which can be achieved through research, an internship or a traditional study abroad experience
      • Global Scholars will be eligible for travel support during their time in the program for their independent time abroad
    • Capstone Project
      • At the end of your time as a Global Scholar you will be expected to present on a global topic related to your major that you have discovered a passion for throughout your time in the program.
    • To stay an active member, you will attend a certain amount of provided programming each semester. These consist of guest speakers, special workshops, field trips and discussion about current global events.
  • Application Process

    Eligibility & Application 

    • Incoming First Year Student or Current/Transfer Student
    • Passion for global education and cross-cultural experiences in a challenging academic environment.
    • Completed Global Scholars application and supporting materials
    • Current TU & Transfer Students – Regular Application
      • Deadline is January 31, 2020 (11:59pm).
    • Incoming High School Seniors– Special Programs Application
      • Deadline is January 19, 2020 (11:59pm).

    Selection Process

    A committee made up of faculty from all four undergraduate colleges selects students admitted into the TU Global Scholars program. Students will be selected based on academic credentials and essays describing their experience and/or interest in global issues. For questions, please contact or

  • Member Benefits

    Global Scholars enjoy many perks that will be beneficial to a well-rounded college career. These include:

    • Small, intimate program with like-minded students who want to “do better” with their career aspirations
    • Access to Tulsa Committee on Foreign Relations meetings
    • Access to Tulsa Town Hall lectures
    • Relationship with 36 Degrees North (a local start-up incubator)
    • Travel opportunities
    • Support for independent time abroad
    • Global Scholar Internship Opportunities
    • Professional networking and development opportunities
    • Support for innovative and entrepreneurial projects