Global Scholars Program

The university is equipping students with the skills and tools they need to thrive in any environment through the TU Global Scholars program.

The program focuses on the big questions affecting the world today:

  • How will population growth, migration and urbanization impact the world?
  • What changes are we going to see in computation, robotics, biotechnology and nanotechnology?
  • What will it take to support a global population of some 9.3 billion by the middle of the century?
  • What does it mean now that the world is more economically interdependent?

These are the type of questions our Global Scholars will be prepared to answer.

How the Program Works

Students selected into the TU Global Scholars program will join a community of scholars engaged in global issues. They will come together several ways.

  • All TU Global Scholars will take three block (general education) classes that explore the big questions affecting the world today.
  • Global Scholars also will study a foreign language, research, intern or study abroad, and examine global issues from the perspective of their particular major.
  • There will be monthly programs consisting of guest speakers, field trips and discussion about current global events.
  • There is no cost beyond TU tuition to participate in the program. Global Scholars will be eligible for travel scholarships during their time in the program.


As part of their Sustainability and Development Course, Global Scholars will travel to Panama to visit a coffee plantation, a pineapple farm, a teak farm, and a compost farm in the north.  Then they will travel to Panama City to visit the Panama Canal, Panama Pacifico, The City of Knowledge, and a green energy tech company that helps villages plan for sustainable energy courses.  Students will also visit with city official who will talk about urban development in downtown and old town Panama City.

Application Process

Global Scholars Eligibility

  • An incoming Freshman, current Freshman or transfer Freshman
  • Completed Global Scholars application and supporting materials by the posted deadline.
    • Application for current Freshmen or transfer Freshmen *DEADLINE FOR FALL 2019 COHORT IS JANUARY 15, 2019*
    • Application for incoming Freshmen *DEADLINE FOR FALL 2019 COHORT IS JANUARY 15, 2019*
  • Passion for global education and cross-cultural experiences in a challenging academic environment.

Academic Requirements

For information about the academic requirements, visit the Global Scholars Program in the course bulletin.

Selection Process

A committee made up of faculty from all four undergraduate colleges selects students admitted into the TU Global Scholars program. Students will be selected based on academic credentials and essays describing their experience and/or interest in global issues. Acceptances are rolling. For questions, please contact

Core Courses
  • GLSC 2013 Global Challenges. Offered in the fall, this course explores how social, cultural, political, economic and historical forces shape population change, resources management, technology use and development, information management, economies, conflict and governance on a global scale. Students will work in interdisciplinary teams to prepare presentations on core topics of the course.
  • GLSC 2023 Sustainability and Urban Development. Offered in the spring, this course explores how social, cultural, political, economic and historical forces shape sustainable practices in the context of urban development.
  • GLSC 2xx3 Special Topics. Offered each semester, this course explores a special topic or global issue.