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2018 Global Graduate: Teresa Stastny

Management major, specializing in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and minoring in International Business, from Omaha, Nebraska

Why did you pick TU?
I chose TU because of their study abroad programs. I knew I wanted to study outside the U.S. and TU makes it easy and affordable. Also, TU gives credit and scholarships for participating in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

How are you involved on campus or in the community?
Member of Kappa Alpha Theta, Student Football Equipment Manager, Tulsa Global Alliance Intern and Volunteer, Paige Hulse Law intern, Hayley Bigham Graphic Design intern, Weddeo intern, A Gathering Place Brand Ambassador, Intramural Supervisor

What scholarships and awards have you earned?
TU Academic Scholarship, Heritage Award, International Baccalaureate Diploma Scholarship

International Experiences while at TU:
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – TU Emerging Economies course, Spring Break 2015
Kalu Yala, Panama – Business Development and Entrepreneurship, Summer 2016
Dublin, Ireland – IES Abroad Dublin Entrepreneurship and Technology, Spring 2017
Prague, Czech Republic – TU Business Consulting course, May Extension 2018

What are you most thankful for about your international experience while at TU? How do you feel that experience has or will impact your future?
Before attending TU, I had never left the U.S. Now, I have visited 10 countries and am headed to number 11 the day after graduation. I have gained the confidence to move to another country and navigate it on my own. But the truth is, none of us are ever truly alone. Studying abroad has taught me that there are amazing, generous, passionate people all over this planet and that you don’t have to share a culture, or even a language to connect in meaningful, life-altering ways.

Each time I leave, I come home knowing more about myself and the connections around me. Brazil taught me how to use my skills and passions to help and connect with others while also allowing myself to learn from those around me. Panama taught me the importance of community and its part in preserving cultures and the beautiful natural world around us. Ireland taught me that if you slow down and invest in the people around you, strangers can quickly become family. And the Czech Republic has more lessons waiting for me.

Through all my travels, one theme has shown through: stay true to yourself, but always keep an open mind for destinations, food, experiences, and most of all, people.

What are your plans for after graduation?
I am currently working with three entrepreneurs at Paige Hulse Law, Hayley Bigham Designs, and Weddeo. Through these internships, I have been learning the ins and outs of web design, digital marketing, content creation, and growing a small business. In doing so, I have freed up time for the entrepreneurs to work with their craft and clients. I hope to continue working with these companies while I growth my own brand, Mess No Stress – a community of people learning to live their fullest, low stress life, even when they feel like their life is a mess.

I plan to move to Scotland in the early fall, to try my hand at living abroad without the security of a school program. I hope to dive deeper into the creative culture of Glasgow, a city I was fortunate enough to visit while studying in Ireland.