While You Are Abroad

While You Are Abroad

The Center for Global Engagement will continue to provide support and advice when you are abroad. Let us know if you have questions and concerns or if any issues come up during your program.

We will keep in contact with you if any health or safety concern arises and to check on your academic enrollment and progress.


What We Need You to Do While Abroad

While abroad you will need to complete two online questionnaires letting CGE know within a week of your arrival what your new contact information abroad is and confirming your course enrollment within 14 days of your classes starting (7 days for summer programs).

For a more step-by-step checklist, please download our Study Abroad Checklist.

Dealing with Culture Shock

When you leave a familiar environment and go for an extended stay somewhere different, it’s normal to feel out of control or confused. This is what’s commonly called culture shock.

Even in countries similar to the United States and with the same language, you might feel the effects of culture shock. It comes from an initial lack of understanding or inability to fit into your new culture.

The CGE has developed a Guide to Culture Shock to help you navigate this, at times challenging, experience.