High Impact Study Abroad

Driven by the desire for learning and excellence, High Impact Study Abroad is uniquely designed for the TU student where going away isn’t enough.  Purpose, complexity, and a vibrant learning community are what drives the TU student.  Instead of asking yourself “where do I want to go”?  Ask yourself what high impact practice do you want to achieve: Research, internships, intense global engagement?  Your TU Study Abroad and Faculty Advisors can answer your questions and merge your high impact goals with the best location in the world.

  • Internships

    Study Abroad Internships are unique opportunities to work in the global world.  Students who choose this high impact study abroad have the opportunity to learn about their discipline in a global context while focusing upon work culture.

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  • Community Engagement

    Community Engagement accelerates the connection between the TU student and the culture in which they are learning.  Volunteering or working with NGOs in a global context is highly impactful in connecting professional goals with local culture.

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  • Undergraduate Research

    Research is the gateway to intentional learning and empowers the student to apply academic knowledge to solving global issues.  Students who choose this high impact study abroad are interested in discovery through research and may be considering professional or graduate school following graduation.

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  • Social Justice

    Study abroad programs that focus upon exploring and implementing measures that benefit an entire community is the focus upon programs with social justice goals.  Whereas volunteering or service learning focuses upon a particular purpose, programs that focus upon social justice are studying the entire community in order to inform policy, decision-making and implementing programs to the entire community’s benefit.

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