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In an increasingly digitally connected world, study abroad has become a key piece of the American college experience. College graduates who possess the personal, academic, and professional skills that are gained through international experience are at the forefront of their fields, especially in competitive job markets. Study abroad alumni re-enter their home country with broadened horizons, increased comfort in ambiguous and complex situations, and renewed confidence, maturity, and curiosity. Many students also take the opportunity of living abroad to gain language proficiency that cannot be earned inside a classroom.

The Center for Global Engagement strives to make international experiences possible for all students by working with them to find options that fit their academic, personal, and professional goals as well as satisfying major, budget, and timeframe requirements. Beyond finding the classes and locations that are right for students, the CGE is proud to offer international internship, research, service-learning, and volunteering experiences as well.

The University of Tulsa is committed to a price model that makes study abroad affordable. Students who study abroad for a semester continue to pay their TU tuition, with all federal and university financial aid and scholarships transferable (there may be additional fees for appeal programs). See scholarship & finances and the financial policy for details.

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  • Benefits of Study Abroad

    Benefits of Study Abroad

    Why spend time studying in another country when you worked so hard to get to TU in the first place? Here are 5 compelling reasons to go global:

    • 97% of study abroad returnees found employment within 12 months of graduation, compared with 49% of those who did not study abroad.*
    • Study abroad returnees have salaries 25% greater than their counterparts who did not study abroad, in similar jobs.*
    • Study abroad lets you study a variety of subjects in more depth and from different cultural perspectives, preparing you to succeed academically and professionally in a global environment.
    • Students who study abroad develop professional skills that make them especially marketable to employers, including problem solving, flexibility, adaptability and leadership.
    • Nationwide, students who have studied abroad consistently count their international experience as one of the best parts of their college careers. They report that they developed a greater sense of independence and confidence in their capabilities, as well as a renewed sense of intellectual energy and focus.

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  • Study Abroad Policies & Procedures

    The University of Tulsa’s policies and procedures related to study abroad cover information including eligibility requirements for going abroad, getting credit for your courses and submitting appeals. Please click on the links below to read the policies. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Center for Global Engagement.

    Academic Policies

    Exceptions to the TU Student Travel Policy

    Financial Policies

    Health Clearance Policy

    Non-Credit Bearing Experiences & Independent International Academic Travel

    Unaffiliated Programs