CGE's 2022 Study Abroad Fair was a Great Success! - Center for Global Engagement

CGE’s 2022 Study Abroad Fair was a Great Success!

The 2022 Study Abroad Fair was an overwhelming success with more than 200 students in attendance. From 5-7 PM in Hurricane Plaza (09/29) , Seven professors represented their faculty-led programs which will take place in Spring 2023, and 24 universities and study abroad program providers were represented at the event. In addition to returnee study abroad students exhibiting the universities at which they studied, ambassadors from program providers flew in from all over the world to represent their organizations.  

For students who completed their passport (a document showing how many booths they had visited), a variety of cuisines were provided such as German, Mexican, and Indian food from local restaurants. Students were able to learn about any program in which they were interested while intermingling with friends and enjoying international music. The atmosphere was immaculate and it excited students and faculty alike for the plethora of opportunities to expand education into the international sphere.  

Check out pictures from the event below!