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Life Abroad: Student Stories

2018 Photo Contest Winners

Animals Abroad 1st Place: Saswat Das Serengeti National Park, Tanzania 2nd Place: Rachel Moore Thailand 3rd Place: Michaela Conn Sahara Desert, Morocco Cities, Landscapes, Skylines 1st Place: Austin Raney Roy’s Peak, New Zealand 2nd Place: Julie Combs Venice, Italy 3rd... MORE

Summer 2018 Internship: CGE Communications

The Center for Global Education (CGE) will hire a student intern to create and update CGE orientation videos. Skills Required: Knowledge of film editing software, reliability, good organizational and time management skills, creativity, good writing skills, computer savviness. Some experience... MORE

Double Identity in China

“Foreigner? Excuse me, girl, where are you from?” “I am from America.” “Haha, you cannot be American! Your face looks too much like a Chinese girl. Are you sure you’re not Korean? You must be Korean.” “No, I’m not Korean.... MORE

Meet TU’s 2018 Global Graduates

The Center for Global Education is proud to announce TU’s 2018 Global Graduates. These six students were selected by a panel of TU faculty and staff from a pool of highly competitive applicants. All of our 2018 Global Graduates engaged... MORE

2018 Global Graduate: Jennifer Albertson

Nursing and Spanish double major from St. Louis, Missouri Why did you pick TU? I chose TU because I was drawn to the quality of programs and academic environment, as well as the small size and personalized attention given to... MORE

2018 Global Graduate: Renan Kuntz

Chemical Engineering major from Toledo, Brazil Why did you pick TU? I heard of TU through a friend who told me there was a substantial scholarship for South American students. Once I researched more about the school, I learned about... MORE

2018 Global Graduate: Abbey Marino

Sociology major from St. Louis, Missouri Why did you pick TU? Visiting the University of Tulsa proved what I had already suspected: TU is the perfect balance of everything I wanted in a university. With strong academics, Division 1 sports,... MORE

2018 Global Graduate: Ryan Starkweather

International Business and Language and Chinese Studies double major from Tulsa, Oklahoma Why did you pick TU? Growing up in Tulsa and living near campus, I heard a lot about TU and learned of its reputation as a fantastic university.... MORE

2018 Global Graduate: Teresa Stastny

Management major, specializing in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and minoring in International Business, from Omaha, Nebraska Why did you pick TU? I chose TU because of their study abroad programs. I knew I wanted to study outside the U.S. and TU makes... MORE

2018 Global Graduate: Vandit Trivedi

Petroleum Engineering and Mathematics double major from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Why did you pick TU? TU has a high-quality, world-renowned Petroleum Engineering program. To put it simply, that was the primary reason. Additionally, a partial scholarship offered by the International... MORE