About Global Engagement - Center for Global Engagement

About Global Engagement

Mission Statement

The Center for Global Engagement generates international opportunities for the TU community by fostering creative and critical thinking, cultural curiosity, scholarship, and service to better themselves, their society, and the world.

  • What We Do

    We serve as an international living laboratory that provides world-wide social experiences for the TU community to engage with each other on global issues of varying complexity and impact. The Center serves as a hub of students, faculty, staff and local/global partners coming together to discover how we can enhance the global community. By working together, we learn from each other, enhance our global perspective, and become better citizens prepared to work and live in an international world.

  • Our Core Values

    Our living laboratory for the TU community embraces intellectual curiosity, collaboration, and problem solving as a means to enhance individual and academic growth, self-discovery and development. We are committed to all members of the TU community to provide global experiences that contribute to intercultural competency, leadership, and a breadth of career potential.

  • Affiliations
    • Diversity Abroad
    • Forum on Education Abroad
    • Generation Study Abroad
    • Global E3
    • Institute on International Education (IIE)
    • NAFSA: Association of International Educators