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10 Ways to Cope with Dull Winter Weather

The weather outside may be abysmal but that doesn’t mean life in general has to. Check out the list below for some fun things to do to beat the winter blues.

  1. Make hot chocolate or cocoa and watch some movies while snuggled up in a blanket.
  2. Plan a future vacation to someplace warm and tropical
  3. Host a virtual trivia night with friends or family. Select one person to be the “host” and the rest as participants.
  4. Bake a comfort food or try out a new recipe.
  5. Enjoy stargazing from inside. Download a solar system & planet tracker app to figure out what planets or stars are currently above you.
  6. Enjoy a hot drink of any variety.
  7. Call a family member or friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
  8. If you live with others, break out board or card games.
  9. Have a dance party in your living room.
  10. Try yoga or pilates for exercise that requires minimal space and only a bit of physical exertion.

*If you do go outside make sure you are bundled up in lots of warm layers and avoid prolonged exposure to the cold.